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Sell Your Aircraft

Sell Airplane
Sell Aircraft

Time to sell your corporate jet, helicopter or experimental aircraft? It could not be easier here at

Just place an aircraft for sale classified ad for our amazing low price. Is your aircraft a turbine (all fixed wing and helicopters)? All turbine aircraft listings are just $69.95 per month. sell aircraftEverything else, yes, everything else, is just $29.95! No seller fees. No complex calculations. Just one great low price.

What do you get for your money?

Your ad will run here on for a full thirty (30) days above all basic (ebay™) listings, in the correct category, sorted by the order it was received and then by model year. You set the price and deal directly with buyers - no middlemen and no auction. Reach our thousands of monthly visitors searching for aircraft for sale for one great price!

The aircraft classified ad includes:
• Up to 100 words of descriptive text (you provide, including your contact details)
• One large photograph
• Embedded video (you provide us with a selling aircraft video you have uploaded to YouTube, etc., and we will post it in your ad for free!)

Sell Aircraft

Sounds great right? Here is how to get started:
1) Select the type of ad you want to run from the drop down list on the "Buy Now" button below (all major credit cards accepted - NOTE PLEASE: Payee is our sister publication AeroSpaceNews) and purchase your aircraft seller's classified ad (all major credit cards accepted).

2) Very Important: Make note of the "Transaction ID" on the e-mail receipt you'll receive.

3) Fill out the Ad Submission Form below including that "Transaction ID." You'll be able to attach your JPEG format picture through that form and the link to your optional video as well.

Within about one (1) business day we should have your ad live on the site. Simple, see?

1 Month Aircraft Seller Ad Type (select your type below)
Sell Aircraft

Need to ask a question? Please feel free to send us a note:
selling aircraft classified ad

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